Major Updates from EVOLVE

March 13, 2023

ATLANTA — EVOLVE announces a wave of updates to its suite of software for MEP contractors and prefab shops. These updates introduce new features, improved functionality, and bug fixes to enhance users’ experience.

One of the key updates is the addition of 3D model support, which allows users to convert and display 3D models in the software viewer. Another important improvement is the direct load of PDFs, eliminating the need for a conversion process.

The “need by” date function has been made more flexible, allowing users to change the date during most status values. 

The software now also includes an API for producing QR codes on demand, which can be used to place QR codes on drawings. This allows teams to track work order progress from design, to the shop, to delivery to the site. Anyone can access this information by scanning the QR code from a smartphone, even if they are not a registered user.

Other updates include completing CRUD functions for PC categories, stopping messages from being displayed again if they were dismissed from the ribbon, improving message format and text, and fixing a bug related to the task timer display. Please find the full list of updates at the bottom of this article.

EVOLVE is committed to continually improving its software to meet the demanding needs of its users. The latest updates reflect this commitment and demonstrate the company’s dedication to delivering an exceptional user experience.

Existing users of EVOLVE can access the updates immediately. Anyone interested in seeing a demonstration of these new features can contact the company with this form. They will also be holding a webinar demonstration of the tool and the latest updates featuring EVOLVE’s VP of Product Clay Freeman. Interested users can register for it here.

Full list of software updates:

SHOP-980          Task Details – 3D model support: we now convert and display 3D models in the viewer

SHOP-1530        PDF Extension in Viewer: Direct load of PDFs – the conversion process is no longer required 

SHOP-1618        WR “need by” date changes: flexibility to change the need by date during most status values

DES-130             Drawing Document – QR Code Image: API to produce a QR code on demand for a document version – eE and eM use this feature to place QR codes on drawings

DES-207             Logged Out QR Code Scan Behavior: displays whether the drawing is current or not for anyone (not only users) that scans the QR code from a smartphone

MAT2-1355       PC Delete Category/Subcategory Node: completing CRUD functions for PC categories 

AM-1106            When messages are dismissed from the ribbon, don’t reappear: stop messages from being displayed again if they were dismissed from the ribbon as opposed to the Message Center

SHOP-1632        Update message center notification & email template: improve message format and text

SHOP-1804        BUG: Task Timer not displaying hours correctly when time exceeds 24 hours

DES-87               Design Documents Publish & Conversion: functions required for the upcoming Publish functions in eE and eM 6.4

AM-1323            Update Company Property download links method: for eE and eM content

Customers can also join EVOLVE at the Advancing Prefabrication 2023 conference to speak with the EVOLVE team and learn how companies across the U.S. are leveraging EVOLVE in their MEP and fab shop operations. For more on Advancing Prefab check out this video featuring EVOLVE Director of Marketing David Gabriel and Amy Marks, Autodesk VP of Transformation Practice, the Queen of Prefab, and one of this year’s Advancing Prefab top speakers!


EVOLVE is built by contractors who understand all aspects of construction operations, and the platform will continue to be built by people from the MEP industry who have lived your challenges. The platform is supported by best-in-class customer service and easy-to-use product design to make sure companies quickly get the most out of their investment.

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