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EVOLVE Features for Your Prefab Shop

We understand the challenges that a Shop Manager faces as they manage large teams, scattered communications, and visibility into the field. Our modules sync seamlessly on one platform, streamlining communications between Design and Shop – leading to less rework and more efficient workflows.

Implement lean processes

Bring transparency to the shop

Collaborate across departments

Experience immediate time savings

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Stop Complicating Workflows… Start Using Shop

EVOLVE Shop replaces traditional processes with a lean digital workflow.

The Shop Process

Simple and streamlined from start to finish.

1. Create & submit work requests

  • Add items from parts catalog
  • Create custom items and assemblies
  • Attach files and link documents

2. Review & approve work requests

  • Approve, reject and transfer orders
  • Modify items and add tasks
  • Confirm and set need by dates

3. Map drawings and documents

  • Collaborate with the VDC team
  • Map drawings to work requests
  • View drawings from Drawing Register

4. Manage work orders

  • Follow due dates with Kanban and calendar
  • Set priorities for production
  • Release work orders to the shop floor

5. Visualize shop floor production

  • Track task status from start to complete
  • Identify tasks that are falling behind
  • Take action to eliminate bottlenecks

6. Track production at work cell level

  • Automatically displays next task in queue
  • Access drawings for a digital workflow
  • Start, pause and complete tasks

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The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Prefabricated Construction for Operations Managers

The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Prefabricated Construction for Operations Managers

Download this eBook for an in-depth guide to prefab. Learn about the various ways prefab is being used, get specifics on how you can see ROI from prefab, and read about the best tools and tactics for successful prefabrication.

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