eVolve Electrical

Automate Detailing Tasks and Model with Standardized Content

Electrical Detailers can easily make the move to Revit and automate detailing tasks with 100’s of pre-built electrical content.


eVolve Electrical Features


100s of standardized electrical content

Define Spool

Automated Spool Manager

RTS Point Layout and Export

In-app community

Align Conduit

Assembly Annotations

Efficiently Detail, Fabricate and
Construct Your Electrical Projects

The savviest detailing departments leverage technology to do more with less work. eVolve Electrical software creates and easy-to-use Revit experience for our end user and produces a level of accuracy that is needed to efficiently fabricate and construct your projects.

From constructible BIM workflows to automated spooling, eVolve Electrical gives companies the tools they need to finish projects on time and within budget..

A Powerful Software for Detailing in Revit

Learn how your organization can scale your detailing process in Revit

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We saved weeks in time and money. The built-in reports alone would
take weeks to put together. It pays for itself.”

Thomas Coles
Mechanical Construction

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