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Accelerate your electrical project performance with eVolve Electrical.

eVolve Electrical was created to accelerate electrical project performance and decrease project risk and cost. In turn, our software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience for our end-user and produces a level of accuracy that is needed to efficiently fabricate and construct your project. From constructible BIM workflow to automated spooling, eVolve Electrical gives companies the tools they need to finish projects on time and in budget.


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History of BIM in MEP

An application specialist covers conduit spooling, with automatic view and sheet creation, one click builds, sheets for trapeze hangers, and much more.


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eVolve Electrical Features

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eVolve includes 100’s of families, and all content is made of native Revit families at an LOD 350. Stored locally for quick access into your project via our Family Browser toolbars. Content is trackable and filterable by Revit rooms, spaces and floors, allowing users to isolate and filter bills of material to create their material/prefab kits.

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In-Wall Assemblies

Customizable in-wall assemblies with 1-click build sheets which contain an image of the assembly, counts and material lists for prefabrication.

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Hangers and Supports

Multi-tier trapeze assemblies with 1-click build sheets and material lists for prefabrication. Nested RTS points allows users to capture points and export directly from eVolve to .csv or .tfl file.

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Prefab Conduit Bends

Create a complete conduit raceway system and quickly extract bend information through Revit schedules.

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eVolve Tools

Dozens of custom drawing tools and features to enhance the modeling and detailing process. Create 100’s of sheets with views in seconds for spool drawings with our Sheet Creator tool.

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Industry Expertise

Our product was created by electricians for contractors and continues to keep industry professionals behind the development while giving our customers 1-on-1 training and support. Our customers have direct input into the future development to ensure we eVolve with our customers.

Key Benefits

Reduce Project Risk & Cost

Reduce risk of human error when importing or uploading files.

Utilize Existing Database

Use your existing Autodesk Fabrication Database.

Accelerate Productivity

Significantly reduce time in weekly meetings since collaboration occurs live within the Revit platform.


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