Empowering Our Customers

We’ve reimagined our licensing system to unite all your EVOLVE
solutions and empower our users.

To tailor experiences to you and allow seamless flow through our ecosystem, eVolve is moving to a named user entitlement system. This new approach will not only have a more modern feel but also allow simplicity in both use and management.

Licensing Portal for visibility
and control across all users,
even at multiple locations!

Member Login Credentials with
simple email sign on. No more
clunky serial numbers.

Mobile Friendly workflows
allowing you to login from
anywhere quickly.

Tailored Improvements on
EVOLVE products due to
meaningful usage data.

Making the Transition

Company Admin

All customers will be added to the new licensing system automatically. The primary point of contact will receive an invitation to join the portal and finish set up the rest of their group.

End Users

Your admin will invite you to the portal and assign you a license to the product(s). Once accepted, you will simply use this information (email/password) the next time you use EVOLVE.

*Currently the old licensing system is set to be disconnected in April. Therefore we encourage all users to fully transition before this time for uninterrupted service

Transitioning to the New Platform

Watch our previous webinar now and see all the ins and outs that make up the new licensing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How will my admins receive their invitation?

A member of our EVOLVE team will add your company to the new system with the correct licensing information. We will use the current primary contact for the licenses as the default admin for the system. They will receive a simple invite link to their email.

+ Will all users have to have dedicated licenses?

Yes. Each user will be assigned access to the correct products by their admin. Additionally, our system will allow multiple logins per user. This is an important piece for our web products so that a user can log in via their computer and via their iPad without needing additional licenses.

+ How will my licenses transition to the new system?

Our EVOLVE team will migrate all access information over automatically. Then the company admin will have the ability to dedicate individual access within their company.

+ How will older versions of EVOLVE be affected?

For versions of EVOLVE older than 5.4 that utilize the deprecated licensing system, they will no longer be able to retrieve access for usage after that system is turned off.

+ Does this cost anything?

Nope, this transition is only dedicated to us making licensing management simple.

Still have questions?