The only MEP software
to offer a seamless workflow
from start to finish


eVolve Mechanical changes the prefab game

Seamless integration throughout the entire design and fabrication process is finally here, with eVolve Mechanical software. Built by industry professionals with knowledge brought in from the worksite, eVolve offers a workflow system nobody else has - the ability to follow each project contributor at each point along the way, sharing the same data, in a truly integrated and collaborative process.

What does that mean for the mechanical design and fabrication industry?

  • A better tool for growth is now possible.
  • Built by a team of industry experts who have actually worked in the field, reducing overhead while increasing productivity.
  • eVolve software works seamlessly with Revit and will continue to adapt and evolve today, tomorrow, and in the decades to come.
  • Access to recognized industry experts who can help you through the transition from AutoCAD to Revit, including training, to help bring your business to the next level.

eVolve Mechanical has core features
that enhance workflow on every job


Spooling and Prefabrication

Spool drawings are automated and connected to the live model. Schedules, dimensions and annotations are connected and update automatically.


Automated Hanger Layout

System and size based hanger rules deliver the right hanger type distributed with collision correction, connectivity to structure, and MEP system sticky behavior.


Rule-based and customizable. Easily renumber duct fittings for CAM labels or pipe and duct fittings for spool sheets and scheduling.


RTS Point Layout and Export

Deliver hanger locations, sleeve locations and custom point locations to the field through point creation, management and export tools.

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