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Quickly select elements, assign a spool designation, and then produce Prefab sheets that include 3D views, Plan & Elevations, and Bill Materials in a matter of minutes.

Hanger Placement
The Hanger Placement feature automates the process of placing multi-tier trapeze racks in seconds. Additionally, the collision detection feature places hangers to avoid clashes. The trapeze hangers are designed to easily provide prefabrication information.
Sleeve Placement

The EVOLVE sleeve feature also contains points embedded to easily export when needed.

Quick Tools

EVOLVE Mechanical includes detailing tools, such as the Multi-trim feature, to help speed up the detailing process in Revit. Using this feature, you are able to select two runs and quickly trim the conduit together at once. Our alignment tool allows you to quickly line up elements and their elevations within the model.

Element Filter

The EVOLVE Element Filter feature is very powerful and allows you to select, isolate, isolate temporary, show, hide, make half tone, and make elements transparent, based on rules you define. You can define rules that are applied to multiple categories or very specific incidents of an element.

Layout Points

The EVOLVE Point Layout feature allows you to do point layout drawings efficiently and export points to a CSV or TFL file. You can quickly renumber points and add descriptions. The families within eVolve have nested points so you do not need to place manual points if you do not want to. Also, you can nest points into your existing content.

Easily Migrate to and Quickly Maximize Your Investment in Revit

EVOLVE Mechanical is easy to use and will feel familiar to CADmep users.

As an extension of Revit Fabrication, you can use EVOLVE Mechanical with your existing CADmep database.

Additionally, our customized Revit Fabrication training course has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of users make the transition. The end result? On an average, our customers are up and running on EVOLVE Mechanical in three days.

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