EVOLVE Introduces Training Certification for EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical

May 15, 2024

Expand Your BIM Skill Set with EVOLVE’s Training Certification

EVOLVE, a leading force in the BIM and construction technology industries, is excited to announce EVOLVE Training Certification is now available. This program is designed to help users sharpen their EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical skills which includes an official certification upon completing the course.

All EVOLVE users can access the certification training course through the EVOLVE University platform. By going through the training videos, and successfully passing the quizzes after each section, users can earn an EVOLVE Training Certification.

By participating in this certification program, BIM professionals will learn the best practices for using EVOLVE on MEP projects. Become the star of your BIM team and add the EVOLVE Training Certification to your list of achievements!

“We have always sought to empower the EVOLVE community with everything they need to be successful,” EVOLVE’s Director of Customer Success, Amber Zinky explains. “We’re excited to continue these efforts with the EVOLVE Training Certification. Getting certified will help you learn best practices for using EVOLVE on MEP projects, elevating the quality of your BIM designs.”

The EVOLVE Training Certification will cover a range of topics, including BIM fundamentals, training on EVOLVE Quick Tools, and demonstrations of EVOLVE automation features such as clash detection and spooling.

If you are an existing EVOLVE user looking for access to EVOLVE University please sign up here or email alex.siebert@evolvemep.com. If you are looking to learn more about EVOLVE and the EVOLVE Training Certification, schedule a demo with our team.

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