EVOLVE Unveils Highly Anticipated Version 7.0.1 of Its MEP Design

July 7, 2023

Atlanta, GA, July 7 — EVOLVE, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the MEP industry, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Version 7.0.1 of its acclaimed BIM design software. Packed with powerful features and enhancements, this latest version promises to revolutionize the way professionals in the field approach building design and collaboration.

EVOLVE is proud to announce that Version 7.0.1 of its Revit plug-in for MEP contractors will offer full support for Revit 2024. This ensures seamless integration with the latest version of Autodesk’s renowned design software, empowering professionals to leverage the most up-to- date tools and features while harnessing the power of EVOLVE’s game-changing platforms, EVOLVE Electrical and EVOLVE Mechanical. With Revit 2024 support, users can enjoy improved interoperability, enhanced collaboration, and greater project efficiency.

Among the most notable additions to Version 7.0.1 is the Quick Dimension Tool. This groundbreaking feature allows users to swiftly and accurately adjust the dimensions of their designs. By streamlining the dimensioning process, professionals can focus more on the creative aspects of their designs and enhance productivity without compromising accuracy.

Another exciting feature making its debut in Version 7.0.1 is the Spool View Rotation. Offering unparalleled control and flexibility, this feature enables users to rotate their spool views effortlessly, giving them a comprehensive understanding of their designs from every angle.

“We are thrilled to introduce Version 7.0.1 of EVOLVE Electrical and EVOLVE Mechanical, a major milestone in our commitment to providing architects and engineers with the most innovative and user-friendly tools,” said David Gabriel, the Director of Marketing at EVOLVE. “We aim to empower MEP professionals with the capabilities they need to bring their visions to life, streamline workflows, and exceed client expectations.”

Version 7.0.1 of EVOLVE’s BIM design software is scheduled to be released on July 8, 2023. You can find the full release notes for EVOLVE Electrical 7.0.1 here and the full release notes for EVOLVE Mechanical 7.0.1 can be found here. Current users can download the newest version from this page. For new users interested in experiencing the cutting-edge capabilities of Version 7.0.1, reach out to our team.


EVOLVE is built by contractors who understand all aspects of construction operations, and the platform will continue to be built by people from the MEP industry who have lived your challenges. The platform is supported by best-in-class customer service and easy-to-use product design to make sure companies quickly get the most out of their investment.

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