eVolve MEP Will Operate Independently of Applied Software

May 5, 2022

David Gabriel
eVolve MEP

eVolve MEP Launches Game-Changing Materials Management Platform for Electrical Contractors

eVolve MEP Will Operate Independently of Applied Software

The Two Companies Will Continue To Partner Together


Atlanta, Georgia (May 5th, 2022) – For several years, eVolve MEP has been a separate company with a very close relationship with its parent company, Applied Software. Henceforth, eVolve MEP will operate independently as it was not part of the Graitec acquisition of Applied Software.

Early 2022, Applied Software, was acquired by international Autodesk Reseller, GRAITEC. eVolve MEP was not part of this acquisition.

With the exception of a few clients, Applied Software will continue to be the exclusive reseller and partner for eVolve MEP legacy software, and provide services.

There should be no disruption to current customers experience and support during this process. Former Applied Software CEO, Richard Burroughs, will remain primary owner and advisor for eVolve MEP.

“This is an exciting new step for eVolve’s future.” says Jim Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer at eVolve MEP. “We look forward to continuing our great relationship with Applied Software as we work together to empower our joint customers to achieve success.”

“eVolve has seen a 759% growth in the last three years” says Clay Smith, Chief Executive Officer at eVolve MEP. “This new structure will allow us to continue that growth as we develop new cloud based technologies and services for the construction industry.”

For more information on the separation of Applied Software and eVolve MEP, please contact David Gabriel at David.Gabriel@evolvemep.com.



eVolve MEP improves profitability and visibility for trade contractors by aligning teams on a single platform. eVolve gives BIM, Shop and Field Departments all the tools they need to run best in class operations all in a single collaborative platform. This workflow allows companies to easily bring construction work from the jobsite to the fab shop, creating substantial operational and financial gains. www.evolvemep.com

WEBINAR - Tuesday, May 10th at 2 pm

Learn More About What the Applied Software/Graitec Merger Means for eVolve

Join eVolve MEP’s Clay Smith, CEO, and Clay Freeman, Vice President of Product as they host a live Q&A session to hear what the Applied Software and GRAITEC acquisition means for eVolve and answer any and all questions you may have about this exciting new development.

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