eVolve MEP 5.0 Debuts with Significant Updates, New Content

July 14, 2021

eVolve MEP 5.0


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eVolve MEP 5.0 Debuts with Significant Updates, New Content


ATLANTA (July 14, 2021) — eVolve MEP announces the release of eVolve MEP 5.0, the latest version of its leading BIM platform for the construction industry, allowing MEP professionals to quickly and easily create and update construction information to accommodate design changes to prefab elements or on-site work.


eVolve MEP 5.0 gives users unprecedented ease to create designs or address changes by grouping modifications, ensuring that any updates are consistent and error-free.  eVolve 5.0 also includes the release of a new prefab package for non-spooled elements, providing efficient commands to modify and unpack the elements when needed, regardless of whether or not they have spool drawings. 


The improvements, along with the inclusion of additional “Quick Tools” to automate various design tasks, provide users with convenient, powerful tools to accurately track information.  With more than 70 changes and updates in the electrical and mechanical areas, eVolve 5.0 introduces features to streamline the BIM process for users, including:

  • Hanger Improvements with automatic collision detection and the ability to instantly correct any collisions and alert the user to irreconcilable items.
  • Bend Optimization Tools to quickly and correctly align bends and couplings to ease prefab of conduits.
  • Better Sleeve Management with better rules and the ability to quickly convert sleeves to box outs.
  • New and Improved Content including hanger specs about Minerallac and data on manholes and handholes.
  • All-New Renumbering Workflows with improved rules and support for families and fabrication elements.


“The improvements incorporated into eVolve MEP 5.0 demonstrates eVolve’s commitment to addressing the constantly changing needs of our users, making their work easier, less repetitive and more efficient,” said Clay Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of eVolve MEP.  “We continually listen to our customers’ feedback and input to provide a superior platform with best-in-industry service.”


About eVolve MEP

eVolve MEP is at the forefront of efforts by industry leaders globally to adopt the best technology to increase revenue, improve productivity, strengthen their workforce, and enhance quality and safety. eVolve MEP is MEP construction software that is focused on aligning construction departments around accurate, actionable information that can be leveraged to install faster, meet demanding schedules and work as one unified team.

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For a demonstration of the improvements and changes incorporated into eVolve MEP 5.0, please see the video available HERE or contact David Gabriel to set up a demonstration. 

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