The Essential Four: Benefits of Prefab and Kitting
Written By James Simpson

Are you using prefab and kitting to save money and reduce manpower on the jobsite?

Especially during a skilled worker shortage, prefab and kitting allows for skilled offsite workers to manufacture and package the elements required for a specific installation, so that only the necessary components for that job are contained in a kit. This cuts down on the installation time on the jobsite, saving time and money, with one study showing savings can be as much as 20 percent.

Prefab and kitting for MEP, however, requires stakeholders to plan their workflows early so fabricators can have sufficient time to finish their assigned tasks. These tasks are essentially mini jobs, laid out by the plan for the overall project. Elements must be designed and approved before prefab can happen, so having a plan to implement a prefab/kitting strategy is key to realize the savings associated with the process. The benefits of employing prefab and kitting extend beyond the financial.

Let’s take a look at some essential benefits of prefab and kitting:

  • Benefit #1 Risk Reduction: Whenever possible, use a simple piece of art on your sign. Not only will it attract the eye of the reader, but a well-chosen graphic will convey the message of the sign without any words being read. Graphics also help with people who can’t read English and those who have trouble reading.
  • Benefit #2 Waste: By having parts prefabbed and packaged in a kit, shops can reduce wastage of material. Having all elements planned and professionally designed offsite, before the job, provides for more economical use of available materials. And while kitting adds some packaging material to the job site, it eliminates the need for each individual element to be packaged and shipped separately based on the fabrications on site.
  • Benefit #3 Scheduling: Knowing when the kits are available for installation on site allows contractors and subcontractors to better plan for their manpower and equipment needs, reducing excess labor costs. Known entities, prefab and kitting can be tracked and scheduled.
  • Benefit #4 Installation Time: Field MEP tradesmen on the job site enjoy a lot of convenience with kitting, namely that all pieces needed for assembly and/or installation are included with the element. They don’t have to hunt for needed connectors or components. The kit, with its inventory, has everything required to successfully finish the job.

Incorporate prefabrication and kitting operation in your design plan and reap these benefits. Contact your eVolve MEP representative to learn how eVolve software can help you get there.

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