A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Prefabrication Shop
While prefab shops have been around for a while, they are quickly gaining more traction, as construction companies are starting to see the many benefits of it. Along with helping to eliminate waste, prefab can give your company a competitive, cost-efficient edge in the construction industry. Although there are benefits to it, starting a prefab shop is not an easy feat.  So here are a few things to consider when starting a prefabrication shop.
What is Prefab?
First, it’s important to know what exactly a fabrication shop is and the purpose it serves. The term fabrication is a simple way to describe the planning, designing, fabrication, and assembly of building elements at a location other than the final place those elements are installed. It is also known as “offsite” or “industrialized” construction. Prefabrication debunks the time vs. money theory by supporting the quick and efficient construction of a permanent structure. It allows a contractor to build in a controlled space with all the parts that are needed, and ship it to the exact location it is needed for installation. It is important to note that prefab is not just building things and sending it out to the job site. It also requires finding ways to efficiently streamline project processes and eliminate waste.
The Benefits of Prefab
Prefab helps reduce the waste of construction materials that are used during building projects. It also cuts down on onsite manpower. Plus, you can prefab anything. Anything that is repeated nine times or more is qualified for prefab work. Additionally, prefab allows warehouses to stay active during extreme weather conditions and times such as the 2020 pandemic shutdowns. This allows for more consistency in the project process. Another benefit of prefab is the opportunity for collaboration that it provides. In prefab all trade partners work together to complete the project. Because everyone has worked together and you’re installing a completed project, this reduces the amount of time spent at the project site.
How to Start a Prefab Shop
One way to streamline project processes to begin with is by bringing in the experts to design your fab shop. Although you may know the ins and outs of what goes into a prefab shop, there are people who are experts in the design field and want to help you build the best fab shop possible. It is also important to consider transportation operations and costs when you set up a Prefab shop. The farther the distance, the higher the transportation costs will be. You also have to ensure that when transporting items nothing gets damaged on the way. Using shipping containers protects the items, while pallets make it easy to load and unload items.
While prefab can be difficult, the payoff is worth it. Keeping your team organized and your workflows streamlined will result in greater returns. Fortunately, there is a variety of software that can help your company communicate, collaborate, and stay organized. EVOLVE MEP is one of them. EVOLVE is a software and service company committed to the construction industry. It helps improve visibility and profitability for trade contractors by aligning teams on a single platform. By using this kind of software to communicate and collaborate with your team, your prefab shop will be on its way to becoming a success.

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