eVolve Electrical families are created to speed up modeling, capturing bills of material, creating accurate fabrication models and more.  

Features include:

  • eVolve Electrical Family Browser allows you to easily search through the eVolve Electrical type catalog, create libraries of your own content and access them through the browser.
  • Conduit bend families speed up modeling time while easily capturing bend information. Making adjustments can be made without breaking the run, and changes can be made across multiple conduits regardless of the size.
  • Electrical equipment with adjustable clearances, entry windows, and sizes to model for coordination and fabrication.
  • Lighting fixtures that can be adjusted to provide special coordination including clearances. Schedule and track all fixtures with eVolve Electrical shared parameters.
  • Trapeze hangers can be adjusted to custom configurations, multiple tiers and/or create standard types. Track all configurations in real time through schedules and turn on RTS layout points if needed.
  • Hardware including nuts, bolts, struts, steel, threaded rods, etc. comes in multiple finishes (egalve, stainless, gold, etc) and common sizes.
  • In-Wall and box assemblies allow for a large range of configurations including devices and plates.
  • Pre-made eVolve Electrical assemblies include all parts and pieces to easily drag and drop. Individual parts are included to create your own custom assemblies.
  • eVolve Electrical Families are built for design, coordination and prefabrication. Families are parametric and will include additional parts (hardware, fittings, etc.) so detailers don’t have to think about accounting for every item. eVolve Electrical Family Browser is always growing with new and unique content.  

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