The Rise of BIM in Higher Education
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Building Information Modeling, often referred to as BIM, is a 3D modeling and collaborative process that helps architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create high-quality buildings and infrastructure through the use of technology. In short, BIM helps companies design, plan, and manage the entire building project lifecycle. This highly collaborative process allows companies to store and exchange information, and is quickly gaining traction and rapidly changing the architect, engineering, and construction industries.

According to research from Market Reports World, “the global industry is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of nearly 14%, as well as generate a market value over $7.7 billion by 2025.” This sounds appealing, especially to current college students who will be moving into the workforce in the next couple of years. However, without the proper skills and training, these students may not be skilled enough to enter the construction industry when the time comes. But one college in Georgia is doing something about it.

Officials at Georgia Highlands College created a Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction Program, which is set to start in the spring of 2022. This program will be one of the few of its kind and will join Purdue University in being two of the first schools in the nation with this kind of degree program. This degree program is a four-year curriculum, which will include advanced training in BIM and VDC technology; it will also include training in business and construction management.

Sarah Coakley, Dean for the School of Stem at Georgia Highlands College explained that they surveyed business leaders to determine what needs they had and what skills they saw were lacking in the current workforce. “We listened, and we built our curriculum around their feedback.”

The goal of this program is to help students become proficient in BIM software platforms and gain the skills needed in the workplace. As BIM becomes more popular and more widely used, this program will be very beneficial to those who are hoping to enter the field after graduation. Hopefully it will lead to more BIM education programs, and enable more people to enter the MEP and construction industries.

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