The Benefits of Using VDC for Preconstruction BIM Coordination
Written By Marina Lucier

  Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) can be a valuable to improving BIM coordination in the preconstruction phase. Here are a few examples of the benefits of using VDC for preconstruction and provide examples of how it can be used by commercial mechanical and electrical contractors.

Improved accuracy and efficiency in design and planning: With a detailed virtual model of the project, teams can evaluate different design options, create detailed construction schedules and resource allocation plans, and improve collaboration between different teams working on the project.

Better collaboration and communication between project stakeholders: By using VDC tools such as BIM technologies, teams can work together in the same virtual model, even if they are in different locations. This can be especially useful for commercial mechanical and electrical contractors, who often need to coordinate with other teams such as architects and structural engineers.

Enhanced visualization and virtual simulation of the project: VDC offers 3D visualizations and virtual simulations of the project, allowing stakeholders to better understand and experience the project before construction.

Early identification and resolution of potential conflicts and design issues: By using VDC, potential conflicts and design issues can be identified and resolved before construction, leading to a smoother construction process.

Reduced rework and change orders: VDC helps reduce the number of change orders and rework during construction by identifying and resolving potential issues during the preconstruction phase.

Increased cost predictability and improved cost control: By simulating the construction process in the virtual model, teams can find potential conflicts or complications that would lead to increased costs. VDC programs allows for a more accurate cost estimation and better cost control during the preconstruction phase, leading to a more predictable project budget.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) has become an indispensable tool for preconstruction BIM coordination, offering numerous benefits for commercial mechanical and electrical contractors. By harnessing the power of VDC, teams can achieve improved accuracy and efficiency in design and planning. The future of construction lies in the power of VDC, transforming the industry one virtual model at a time.

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