Struggling to Scale? Invest in Prefab
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Are you struggling to scale your construction business? If so, it may be time to invest in prefab.  As you prepare to grow your company, you will need a more efficient system for completing projects; and this is where prefab comes in. This method allows contractors to work on a project with minimal disruptions or distractions, then ship the finished product to the exact location for installation.
Here are the key ways in which prefab is helping contractors grow:
Easier Scheduling: A 2020 SmartMarket report shows that a large percentage of general contractors (88%) indicated that modular construction, or prefab, has a positive impact on project schedule, with 60% of contractors reporting an increase of 5% or more. (Vereenooghe, 2022) Contractors have greater control over schedules by utilizing  prefabrication. Because construction workers are able to complete projects offsite, prefab can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent at a construction site. This gives contractors resources back that they can invest in new projects.
Improved Control Over Project Cost: When contractors are able to test projects before shipping them out to the installation location, they can significantly reduce the chances of rework. Less rework translates into greater returns! Greater returns enable your organization to take on bigger and bigger projects every year, helping you grow. The 2020 SmartMarket report also showed that almost all the general contractors (91%) indicated a positive impact of prefab on project cost, with 48% of contractors reporting a cost reduction of 10% or more. (Vereenooghe, 2022)
Eliminate Waste: Prefabrication provides a controlled environment. It provides the opportunity to perfect precise measurements, which prevents materials from going to waste. Prefab allows for less distractions, and less opportunities for materials to be lost or stolen sp contractors are able to stay on schedule and keep within budget. By managing these costs, which can often get out of control, you are setting yourself up for successful completion of a project.
Increased Installation Quality: After utilizing prefab for some time, your contractors will begin to develop a system for getting projects completed in a timely manner. Because the focus is no longer on schedules, this gives contractors more time to focus on the quality of the projects they’re building. Additionally, factory tools that are used to create prefab elements offer higher quality than on-site construction. Therefore, working in a controlled environment leads to an increase in the number of quality installations than if contractors were to build onsite.
With less time spent on projects, and greater returns coming in, Prefab allows contractors to confidently scale their business and take on more complex projects. It is important to mention that it takes a lot of work and there is a learning curve when it comes to prefab. EVOLVE software is here to help with all of your construction management needs. Major industry players such as EMCOR are relying on EVOLVE software to increase their time to completion. If you want to see the same results make sure to schedule a demo today to learn more.

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