MEP Force: The Event That Powers Up MEP Professionals
Written By Marina Lucier

MEP Force first originated in 2018, held in Austin, Texas. Over the years, it has grown in size, scope, and influence, offering an invaluable platform for industry experts to come together, network, enhance their knowledge, and enjoy themselves.

MEP Force has become a hub for professionals in the MEP sector to connect, share ideas, and build valuable relationships.  Attendees, including engineers, detailers, contractors, and technology providers, can interact with like-minded individuals, leading to potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

The event places a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer and professional development. Through workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and keynote presentations, participants have the opportunity to stay updated on the latest industry trends, best practices, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes.

In addition to its professional focus, MEP Force recognizes the importance of fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the industry. Social events, and entertainment options are integrated into the program, creating a well-rounded experience for attendees. Let’s take a look at last year’s event, and examine what’s on deck for the future!

MEP Force 2022

Last year’s MEP Force conference was held in San Antonio texas! Featured sponsors included Autodesk, Milwaukee Tools, BIM Designs, and more! Keynote speakers included Amy Marks, one of the leading voices in BIM who then served as VP of  Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism at Autodesk. Randee Herrin, who spent over a decade leadinging construction technology at TD Industries also gave a keynote speech. Retired US Army Major General Karl Horst, was also there to give a keynote address focused on leadership.

Watch last year’s keynote addresses here!

In addition to the talks and educational breakout session, MEP Force 2022 was filled with fun activities along the stunning San Antonio River Walk! One of the most notable highlights of the week was the dinner event held inside the Alamo! All conference attendees were welcome to join the festivities for food, drinks, live music, and even a live gun-firing demonstration from the Alamo museum - all held under the stunning lights of the historic Alamo! Watch this video to see all the fun times that were had.

MEP Force 2022 also hosted a tour at the Toyota manufacturing facility! Raffle winners could join this rare chance to see one of the country's top prefab facilities to see how a successful prefab operation is run.

MEP Force 2023 & 2024 - Boston, Austin, and Beyond!

In 2023, MEP Force evolved into MEP Force Roadshow, embarking on an exciting journey to reach major cities across the United States! Our mission is to bring the MEP community together like never before, enabling more individuals to participate, connect, and engage with this burgeoning event right in their own backyard. We’re making these MEP Force Roadshow events entirely free so that anyone from the MEP community can come and participate.

The first stop of the MEP Force Roadshow was Boston in October of 2023. The one-day event was held at Autodesk's Technology Center where they are working with the latest in technology such as robotics, drones, and 3D printing are being experimented with to improve BIM technology! 

MEP Force Roadshow Boston October 2023

We had a wonderful time meeting with contractors from all over the New England region to learn about up-and-coming technology being developed to improve BIM and prefab workflows. Everyone had a chance to meet potential new partners, and enjoy a catered happy hour. 

Next we’re onto Austin!! On Dec 13 MEP Force Roadshow will be hosted at the local TopGolf. Attendees will enjoy talks from Autodesk, Big State Electric, and more before they are treated to an evening of golf, food, and drinks with their fellow Texas contractors! Register here to join us in Austin!

In January 2024, MEP Force Roadshow will be off to Milwaukee! We will continue to roll out to a new city every month. After Milwaukee we are planning to bring the show to Los Angeles, California, Denver, Colorado, and more! If you want to stay up-to-date on where we’ll be next, or suggest your city, check out this page.

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