3 Tactics to Improve Your Day-to-Day Tasks
Written By Amber Zinky

When thinking about day-to-day tasks, sometimes we get in a rut. We think we have it all figured out, but we are wasting time doing manual processes over and over. Doing the same task can get mundane and your view on the day will become dread versus excitement. Placing hanger after hanger. Remodeling the same layout over and over. Editing and maintaining schedules and files.

Instead of wasting your time by doing manual tasks within Revit, find solutions like eVolve MEP to improve your day-to-day tasks.

Here’s a look at three tactics to improve your day-to-day tasks by using eVolve:

  1. Auto place elements: Instead of spending so much time placing elements one by one, eVolve MEP has features that will automate the placement of your sleeves, hangers, duct banks, cable, and couplings. You can predefine settings of the spacing and other information. With placing hangers, you will also be able to have collision adjustment turned on which will automate your coordination of your hangers.
  2. Finding Elements: Instead of wasting time trying to find elements within your view to modify, you can use a tool called “Element Filter”which allows you to create rules to help you select or edit the visibility of predefined elements. You will not be wasting time manually selecting very specific groups of elements. Element Filter is great for when there are design changes, you are needing to update information within an element, or you simply need to find an element.
  3. Controlling Data: Instead of having to constantly reenter the same information into your parameters, you are able to use features like the “Conduit Run Schedule” feature. Assigning conduit Id information from the Conduit Run schedule will allow you to only have to assign your information once even if you modify your run. You can also use Parameter Sync to automate the process of controlling data being pushed to other parameters for you to easily schedule and tag the needed information.

Instead of going through the motions of manual tasks, learn how to automate your day. Get out of your day-to-day rut by looking for solutions to improve your process and put excitement back in your day. Contact your eVolve representative today.

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