What’s New in EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical 7.0.1
Written By Marina Lucier

Here at EVOLVE we are dedicated to bringing MEP businesses, BIM teams, and fab shops technology that will help them grow business and succeed with customers. We are an organization staffed with MEP contractors who understand the unique challenges of the industry, and work hard to create products that will make life easy for them.

The new EVOLVE Version 7.0.1 for EVOLVE Electrical and EVOLVE Mechanical are packed with powerful features and enhancements, this latest version promises to revolutionize the way professionals in the field approach building design and collaboration.

Among the most notable additions to Version 7.0.1 is the highly anticipated Quick Dimension Tool. This groundbreaking feature allows users to swiftly and accurately dimension their designs with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the time and effort required for precise measurements. By streamlining the dimensioning process, BIM designers can focus more on the creative aspects of their designs and enhance productivity without compromising accuracy.

Additionally, EVOLVE is proud to announce that Version 7.0.1 of its BIM design software will offer full support for Revit 2024.

Another exciting feature in Version 7.0.1 is the Spool View Rotation. Offering unparalleled control and flexibility, this feature enables users to rotate their spool views effortlessly, giving them a comprehensive understanding of their designs from every angle. With enhanced visualization, designers can make informed decisions and identify potential issues more efficiently, resulting in smoother workflows and higher-quality designs.

Additionally, EVOLVE is proud to announce that Version 7.0.1 of its BIM design software will offer full support for Revit 2024. This ensures seamless integration with the latest version of Autodesk's renowned design software, empowering professionals to leverage the most up-to-date tools and features while harnessing the power of EVOLVE’s cutting-edge BIM solution. With Revit 2024 support, users can enjoy improved interoperability, enhanced collaboration, and greater project efficiency.

Check out the full release notes for EVOLVE Electrical 7.0.1 here, and EVOLVE Mechanical 7.0.1 here. Current users can download the newest version from this page. For new users interested in experiencing the cutting-edge capabilities of EVOLVE Version 7.0.1, reach out to our team.

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