What’s New With 360 Sync
Written By Michael Reuter
We’ve been busy at work improving 360 Sync lately. So busy, in fact, that we haven’t had a chance to update everyone on all of the things we’ve improved! This blog hopes to remedy that.

TLDR We’ve updated Newforma, Procore, Viewpoint 4 Projects, can sync an entire hub in one click & have improved what & how we sync.

Newforma We now sync documents with Newforma! If you or your project team mates use Newforma, we can now upload files to Newforma or download files from Newforma. This new integration partner will help Architects & Engineers automate their document management workflows between Newforma Project Center & Autodesk, Bluebeam, Procore, SharePoint & more!

Hub Sync Sync all of your projects from Autodesk Docs, Procore, or SharePoint in just a few clicks! You no longer have to select each project, one by one, to sync. Now, when connecting to Autodesk Docs, BIM 360, Procore & SharePoint, you can sync your entire company hub or site automatically.

This feature is a no-brainer for users that are migrating away from one data source to another, or for backing your data up locally. Each project & it’s folder structure will transfer over from one data source to another. Syncing with 360 Sync got even faster!

Procore Drawings, RFIs, Submittals 360 Sync has always been able to connect to the Procore Documents tool, but now we can also connect to the Procore Drawings, RFIs & Submittals tools! You can upload or download files to or from the Procore Documents & Drawing tools. If you want to connect to the Drawings tool, you can choose a Drawing area to copy files if your project utilizes them, or copy them directly into the Drawings root folder. Or, you can download them for backup or to sync with another data source.

You can also download your RFI & Submittal records straight from Procore. When you choose to download RFIs or Submittals, 360 Sync will create a PDF of the RFI or Submittal document & also download the RFI or Submittal attachments. If there are attachments, a folder with the RFI or Submittal name & number will be created & all files will be downloaded into the folder! Now you can back up & document all of your RFIs or Submittals & sync them with other team members.

Viewpoint 4 Projects – Download All Versions & Secondary Files We made a ton of improvements to our Viewpoint 4 Projects integration. We can connect to the Project Root container, making it easier than ever before to connect with Viewpoint.

Users also now have the option to download all versions of a file from Viewpoint and/or download all secondary files from Viewpoint. This is great for Project Migration, or for updating a new project in another data source that may have started late (think about a Design project in Viewpoint, where the General Contractor uses BIM 360 for file & data management during construction).

File Filters & Multi-Folder Select Now, you can choose what file types you want to transfer from one data source to another. Do you only want to transfer Revit files, or just PDFs, or maybe only Word Documents & Image files? Now, you can customize what gets transferred from one place to another with 360 Sync.

Also, if you want to move some, but not all of your file folders from one place to another, it’s never been easier. Just click the folder you want to sync, and then hit Ctrl + Click for every other folder you want to sync. It’s that easy!

This is great. How do I learn more? If you’re interested in learning more about 360 Sync, would like to see a 30-minute or less demo showing off 360 Sync, want pricing information &/or would like to try out our software on a trial, please reach out to us.


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