Using mobile tech to enhance your project communications

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Mobile devices are everywhere. More than 81% of Americans own a “smart device,” either a smartphone or a tablet (or in many cases, both). They are used to keep shopping lists, make dinner reservations and watch movies. They cross over from work to entertainment to personal improvement. Yet only 18% of AEC firms report using mobile technology and apps consistently on their jobs.[1] A higher percentage of contractors report using drones on job sites (63%) than consistently using mobile apps. 

Given the nearly universal use of smart devices off the job, the integration of this technology into building information modeling (BIM) processes is a missed opportunity to use a familiar resource to lessen workloads and increase efficiency.


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The myriad uses for mobile technology go far beyond a simple communication device for phone calls and texts; it revolutionizes the way projects are designed, planned and constructed:

  • Providing convenient, real-time access to information. Regardless of where you are – in an office, on the job site, or anywhere in between – you can see what’s going on with the project.
  • Tracking changes to designs and schedules. Stakeholders up and down the workflow can learn the status of the project or a specific aspect of it and receive updates on plan or schedule changes.
  • Ordering, canceling and updating deliveries for materials. You can know the moment supplies arrive onsite, or reschedule deliveries by hours or days.
  • Scheduling manpower. Apps allow you to estimate, procure, cancel, or reassign personnel as needed on jobs with flexibility, based on their real-time status, not a preset schedule.
  • Improving accountability in the field. Receive concurrent updates and enable collaboration on the project with all stakeholders accessible regardless of location.
  • Securing data with synchronous cloud No more lost data. No more status updates missed because a supervisor didn’t have time to update a spreadsheet. As work progresses, teammates can update their own status, report problems and get answers when they need them.

Adopting mobile tech in the office and in the field can significantly improve your efficiency, flexibility and access to information about your projects. In addition, the advantages of integrating mobile technology into your workflow extend beyond project management and design to general business practices, including safety protocols, payroll and human resource management.

The wide variety of mobile applications available today provide you with an opportunity to employ a familiar resource which can help you and your staff streamline operations, lighten workloads, increase efficiency, and transform the way you accomplish successful projects.

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Discover real-world ways you can take advantage of the latest mobile technology trends to give your company a competitive edge moving into the future. 

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