Top Complaints from Electrical Detailers
Written By Amber Zinky
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Whether it is by the coffee maker in the morning, during lunch or walking out with your co-workers at the end of the day, everyone has a time that they talk about their frustrations. Some top complaints that I have heard from electrical detailers in my time in this industry center around their workload, worksharing and content. The only way someone can solve their frustrations is to first identify and talk about the issues they are having. Then they are able to find solutions. Fortunately, software like Revit plug-in eVolve Electrical can help resolve some of the top complaints detailers have.


Workload can cause discomfort in both extremes, whether someone is overworked or underworked, based on the number of jobs and tasks they are given. Being underworked is an issue that can be out of control for most detailers unless it can be solved by asking for more responsibilities. On the other hand, when a detailer feels overworked, they have to manage their time and look into ways to optimize their time.

One way to optimize time is to find and implement software that helps with tasks that are time consuming. The detailer needs to identify the tasks that take up the most time and see if there are solutions to minimize the time they spend on each task. For instance, if a detailer is spending hours placing hangers, then they need to look into a tool like eVolve Electrical, which has a feature that automates hanger layout at the amazing rate of three hangers per second.

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  1. Worksharing

Work on a shared project can be infuriating when someone deletes something you were working on. Equally frustrating is when someone puts content on the wrong workset. Then there are the times when everyone seems to be syncing at once, slowing down the syncing process for everyone. Communication is really important when sharing a project. Before starting a shared project, everyone needs to know their responsibilities. Ground rules are important, like never deleting content that you have not created yourself.  

Many companies have stopped using worksets because of the frustration of people not using the correct workset when placing content within the Revit model. Worksets are useful when you only want to show certain content within a view. But if content is placed on the wrong workset, then important content might be missed because it is not shown on a view. There is a Workset Manager feature in eVolve Electrical that allows you to set rules that will automatically make sure content is placed on the correct workset even if the wrong workset was chosen initially. 


  1. Content Issues

Content issues can span a wide variety for detailers. Some people may have issues with families not working the way they need to. Sometimes you do not have a way to give the prefab shop or field workers the information they need. Creating the content needed for a project can be time-consuming and beyond the means of some companies. Software like eVolve Electrical can help with this by providing Families that are fully customizable and content that is easy to schedule. Also, it allows information to be extracted from the model and provided to the shop or field when it’s needed.

No matter where you work or what you do, there will be frustrations with your job. Once you identify the improvements needed, you can take action to reduce those frustrations. For detailers, a software tool like eVolve Electrical can eliminate a lot of complaints and improve your work experience. Don’t suffer through your frustrations. Every issue presents an opportunity for improvement.

eVolve Electrical software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience and produces the level of accuracy needed to efficiently fabricate and construct projects.

If you’re not yet using the specialized eVolve Electrical features for hangers, content, kitting, spooling, auto-route, and conduit bends, request a demo and find out what you’re missing.

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