The Hudson Yards Development

by | Mar 22, 2019 | All, Electrical, Mechanical

Last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal had an eye catching picture on page B7 of Heat Exchangers at the newly opened Hudson Yards in New York. The article focused a lot on the design elements that have made it capable of withstanding a number of catastrophes from criminal to acts of nature. We are focused on helping the design and build elements of projects like Hudson Yards, and the ability to utilize prefabrication to meet project deadlines and unique design elements like the yellow Heat Exchangers noted in the basement photo.

With over $25 Billion invested in the Hudson Yards development it is no wonder that they designed and built to withstand everything from floods to terrorism. Hudson Yards has its own power plant, rainwater collection system that can re-circulate over 8 million gallons a year, and a planned garbage processing plant that will reduce food waste by 20%. All of these innovate design and construction elements are located in the west side of Manhattan in an area that used to house abandoned rail yards.

I can’t wait to visit this site the next time I am in Manhattan for a business trip to see the scope and scale of this development. Putting this blog together I also ran across another WSJ article on people climbing all over the Vessel this past weekend. All of the pictures make it one of the most interesting new projects to come out of the ground in years. Did you or your firm do any work at Hudson Yards? How much prefabrication had to be done to get this project completed on time and on budget? Let us know if we can help you with any of your complicated or simple projects with our eVolve Mechanical or Electrical software that makes the move to prefabrication a lot easier. Come join the move to Revit and 3D with eVolve MEP!

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