The Essential Worker You Won’t See

by | May 4, 2020 | Uncategorized


The Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article this morning in the Health Section titled, “Hospital Air Expert Is an Essential Worker You Won’t See.” Jennifer Lohr is the essential worker based in the Philadelphia area who is a trained sheet metal worker. She has been using her experience in ventilation and air-conditioning to convert ordinary hospital rooms into isolation units for Covid-19 patients. She is unseen, as she and her co-workers at Fisher Balancing Company work behind the scenes to ensure proper airflow and pressure in the converted rooms before they are put into service.

The story about Ms. Lohr is fascinating and well documented. She initially was setting out to become a teacher but was encouraged by her father, a pipe fitter, to go into construction. Prior to the Covid-19 conversion work, Ms. Lohr had focused on regular maintenance at local hospitals in the Philadelphia area. It is gratifying to see a woman’s role in construction being highlighted, while focusing on the behind-the-scenes work that we all need to recognize as we are kept safe through this unprecedented time.

The comments in the Journal this morning about the article were primarily positive about the opportunities in construction as we face a severe labor shortage. It is also clear in the comments section that Ms. Lohr is probably making significantly more money in her current job than she would have if she had stayed the course towards becoming a teacher.

We wish Ms. Lohr and all of her colleagues a safe return to normal, and we are striving to continue to grow and serve this segment of the construction trade with technology and tools, like eVolve MEP, to make everyone more productive.


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