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If you’re a contractor in MEP construction and working with BIM processes for fabrication, you’re probably painfully aware that the current process of placing fabrication hangers on your drawings is tedious when using Revit. That manual workflow, as well as customization with the hangers, leaves much to be desired. Hanger layout can consume your valuable time and restricts you to working on only one service at a time.

Fortunately, there is a tool that automates hanger placement and streamlines that Revit detailing workflow.

The popular Revit add-in eVolve Mechanical helps you with this process, allowing you to set up rules for each service you use. You can select a section or even an entire project on which to run the Hanger feature.

In a recent product update, a Multi-Service Bearer (MSB) feature was also added to eVolve Mechanical, which allows you to place two or more services on a single rack. With MSB, you can select the services you would like to place on the rack and then input the spacing, hanger and placement mode. The MSB feature will allow hangers to be placed until the end of the run, change direction or use just a single hanger.

Trade contractors look to eVolve MEP software to save time and increase productivity when working with HVAC, plumbing and electrical assemblies. Contact eVolve MEP and talk to an industry expert to learn more.

Another fabrication drawing workflow that can affect your workday is in the case of double-checking selections to export your ductwork drawings to your fabrication shop. The selection currently in native Revit only allows for the selections of all MEP fabrication ductwork items in a current view. This selection will include both purchased items as well as fabricated items when exporting the MAJ file. You may be pleased to learn that this process can be improved with the eVolve Mechanical element filter, plus a superior MAJ export feature. Now you can filter the ductwork category and select only the items that do not have a tag of “purchased.” Once these items are selected, the eVolve Mechanical MAJ export feature allows for the dynamic holes to export with the items. This feature allows you to place a “status” on the exported items.

With eVolve Mechanical, the process of placing fabrication hangers on your drawings is transformed from tedious to remarkable. Less of your time will be consumed, so you’ll get back a portion of your workday to focus on the things that will make your company more productive and efficient.

The experts of eVolve MEP have worked in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, so they know the challenges you face and the innovations that can make a difference. Contact eVolve MEP today and discover a partnership with the industry-trained eVolve Mechanical consultants that will keep your HVAC business relevant and competitive in the years to come.

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