Spooling can take a tremendous amount of time in a day and age when none of us has time to spare. eVolve MEP offers to give you back the gift of time. And the eVolve Mechanical Spooling feature is one of the best ways. Features include:

  • Native assemblies that define a spool with Revit intelligent connectivity – spend less time on smaller, hard to select elements.
  • Batch spooling to create multiple spool sheets at one time.
  • Spool layouts that define views and bills of material by company standards; display settings, annotation controls, and dimension toggles for maximum independent control over each view.
  • Auto-tagging, auto-dimensioning and dynamic scaling to reduce the time spent on documentation.

People just like you who needed to squeeze more time out of each day are saving that time today using eVolve. See how spooling works in this short video. Then request a demo of eVolve Mechanical to see how you can hit the gas when that spooling light turns green and never look back.


Spooling in Action