Resisting New Technology

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Sue Shellenbarger had a great column in Monday’s Wall Street Journal. “Do You Resist New Tech at the Office?” was a catchy title, and the content was even better. We face this issue everyday when we have discussions with end users about the eVolve MEP software solutions. The number one issue we face with customers is change and the ability or inability of an organization to embrace change.

The eVolve MEP industry-savvy technicians do a lot of demos each week highlighting the benefits of our software. If and when we get pushback, it isn’t because customers don’t see value, it’s that they have always done things a certain way (AutoCAD) – and we are offering a game changing plug-in SaaS (software as a solution) to Revit and 3D. A lot of MEP firms know they need to move to Revit, and many RFIs and RFPs insist that the plans be developed in Revit. In spite of this, many firms still say they don’t have the time and don’t want to make the move to Revit and prefabrication.

The WSJ article went on to say that hospitals have literally experienced sabotage by doctors who didn’t want to move to Electronic Medical Records. Some of this sabotage ultimately led to a system crash. The article pointed out that studies have shown age isn’t as big of a driver of tech resistance as many people might believe. A study commissioned by Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management noted that 76% of people in their 50s say it’s very important to an employer that it be a technology leader; these results were comparable to people polled in their 20s.

The article quoted a customer service firm that adopted new software and felt like they were going from Jurassic World to the Jetsons. We understand this paradigm shift as we roll out eVolve MEP to firms who report they can’t believe the time savings and process improvement they realize with the eVolve Mechanical and eVolve Electrical solutions. Can you and your firm benefit from significant time and process savings resulting from migrating to Revit and using the eVolve MEP SaaS plug-in?

eVolve MEP doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims – it’s all backed up with real numbers and process improvement statistics. Unfortunately, it’s harder to help firms that still have technology-resistant people who need their emails printed out and delivered to their desks (as highlighted in the WSJ article). We can help your firm get into the Jetson age with a team that was trained in the industry and loves using and delivering technology to leading edge MEP firms around the world. To learn more, check out eVolve MEP today, or request a quick discovery call to learn how we can help deliver industry leading software and services to even the toughest resistors in your company!

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