Built by a team of industry experts who have actually worked in the field, eVolve harnesses the Revit platform to offer seamless collaboration like no other software before it. eVolve allows every person on the team to work from the same data set in real time.

eVolve Electrical
Built by electrical contractors for contractors, eVolve Electrical is purpose-built to improve the prefab deliverable. This was created out of neccessity to be used in translating the design model into the prefab kits, sheets, and material listings that could be quickly ordered. And that led to a whole lot more.

eVolve Mechanical

A software solution built to put the contractor first, eVolve Mechanical exceeds expectations on prefab efficiencies. It enables all skilled detailers to work together on the same file set for true collaboration. And that’s just the beginning of the features, including spooling, hangers, renumbering and point layout.