Procore Tips: Streamlining Construction Management with Procore Classifications
Written By Marina Lucier

In this ongoing series of tips and tricks, we aim to help you maximize the potential of your Procore system. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of classifications and how they can benefit your construction company. Let's explore how classifications can streamline your project management and enhance cost tracking and analysis.

Understanding Classifications:
At its core, a classification in Procore is a way to categorize employees within your company. It involves assigning job titles or roles to individuals, including vendors, subcontractors, and employees. By implementing classifications, you can effectively organize your workforce and gain insights into project expenses based on specific roles.

Setting Up Classifications:
Setting up classifications in Procore is a straightforward process. Begin by navigating to the company level and accessing the admin tools in the core tools menu. From there, select the "Classifications" section, which presents a simple list. Here, you can add titles on the left side and corresponding classification codes on the right. For example, you might add job titles such as "Project Manager Level 1" and "Senior Project Manager" along with their respective codes. You can also include titles for contractors, such as "Drywall Contractor," and assign an appropriate code like "DWC."

Applying Classifications:
Once you have created your classification list, it's time to apply them at the project level within your directory structure. Navigate to the project directory under the core tools and locate the specific project you want to work with. Within the project directory, you can edit individual profiles of the people involved in the project, including contractors and employees. By selecting a user and accessing the classification drop-down menu, you can assign the appropriate job title or role based on the classifications you created at the company level. This allows you to track and analyze project costs and expenses more effectively.

Benefits and Utilization:
The power of classifications lies in their ability to enhance various Procore features. Once classifications are assigned to individuals, you can utilize them in time cards, time sheets, daily logs, and more. By running filters and generating reports, you can summarize and analyze costs based on specific job titles or roles. For example, you can determine the amount spent on project management, superintendent activities, or plumbing installations across multiple projects. These insights enable you to gain better control over your expenses, both during and after the completion of a project.

Implementing classifications in Procore is a simple yet effective way to categorize employees and streamline your construction management processes. By assigning job titles or roles to individuals, you can track project costs more efficiently and gain valuable insights into your expenses. Procore's robust features allow you to extract, sort, and filter data based on classifications, empowering you with a comprehensive understanding of your projects. Take advantage of these capabilities to optimize your construction workflows and drive project success.

Check out Procore’s video on classifications here. Project managers leveraging Procore can also find value in 360 Sync. 360 Sync pairs with Procore and is the preferred file management system for construction professionals. Learn how you can simplify file management and speak with our 360 Sync team today.

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