Morley-Moss Saves 50% Time Modeling with eVolve Electrical

by | Jan 5, 2021 | All, Electrical

Morley-Moss, Inc., an Emcor Company, is an electrical contracting firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. A leader in the electrical industry, the company has adopted a nationally-recognized Code of Excellence Program to ensure that each of its projects – primarily medical facilities and data centers at present – proceeds as a cooperative effort with the owner for absolute success.

Initially, the Revit plug-in Trimble SysQue was used for electrical detailing. However, the conduit features were not robust enough, requiring “longhand” work for prefabrication of bends. This challenge was solved when the company switched to eVolve Electrical with its Families and Intelligent Conduit Bends. Using eVolve Electrical, detailers can place a conduit bend, tell the software what they want to do, and it gets done.

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With hundreds of workers in the field, Morley-Moss needs to keep its projects on track, on time and on budget. BIM managers and detailers split tasks among themselves to efficiently move projects forward.  

In a recent interview, the company’s BIM Manager, Chris Penny, estimated that the company saves 50% of the modeling time that was previously spent drawing conduit. For Morley-Moss, some game-changing features of eVolve Electrical include:

  • Conduit and Intelligent Conduit Bends (stub 90s, kick 90s, rolling offsets, 3- and 4-point saddles)
  • Worksets and Workset Manager
  • Project tracking
  • Resolving clashes with Autodesk Navisworks

With the rush to claim 3D space or paths in a BIM model, the need to model faster and more accurately is a key eVolve Electrical workflow for the company. Morley-Moss has reported seeing, on average, a 30% savings in project time

In the course of achieving simplified workflows, Morley-Moss has also been able to increase its use of prefabrication, which in turn gives the company the ability to standardize workflows. With most projects on a timeline of two to three months, and up to five projects in process at any given time, it’s important to the Morley-Moss teams to keep workflows proceeding efficiently.

The BIM and detailing departments now have a requirement of being able to work remotely from the cloud using Autodesk BIM 360. In support of that, Morley-Moss benefits from the 2020 partnership among eVolve MEP, Autodesk and Stratus/GTP, which ensures seamless integration of eVolve Electrical and BIM 360.

According to Penny, with each new feature that’s added, eVolve Electrical keeps getting better. He acknowledged that eVolve Electrical was a great investment for Morley-Moss, saying, “It’s a game changer for us . . . it easily pays for itself.”

As external forces caused many projects to grind to a halt nationwide in 2020, productivity at Morley-Moss has not suffered from the downturn as much as it has at some companies. It truly has been a game changer.

The experts of eVolve MEP have worked in the construction trades, so they know the challenges you face and the innovations that can make a difference. Contact eVolve MEP today and learn how the industry-trained eVolve Electrical consultants can partner with you to keep your business relevant and competitive in the years to come.

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