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Nobody Provides Better and More Comprehensive Detailing Software

Mechanical Detailers can easily make the move to Revit and automate detailing tasks.


Here’s three important reasons to move to eVolve Mechanical:

  1. Reduce the number of products you need to purchase, subscribe to, or manage.
  2. Improve your detailing workflow, reduce file management and increase project collaboration.
  3. Decrease labor costs and errors by adding customizable automation features into your detailing process.

Easily migrate to and quickly maximize your investment in Revit.


eVolve Mechanical is easy to use and will feel familiar to CADmep users.

As an extension of Revit Fabrication, you can use eVolve Mechanical with your existing CADmep database.

Additionally, our customized Revit Fabrication training course has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of users make the transition. The end result? On an average, our customers are up and running on eVolve Mechanical in three days.

Address everyday challenges with a best-in-class solution.

eVolve Mechanical is built by people in the industry who listen to and understand your everyday challenges.

  • Everyone in your organization can more quickly perform repetitive tasks and solve problems with coordination and detailing workflow.
  • Hanger placement built on your specifications, which allows for a fully automated,
    hands off and clash-free process.
  • More consistency and speed in your spooling process to helps remove stress around prefabrication.
  • Simplified renumbering and tagging to reduce time on highly redundant tasks so you can focus on more productive work.
  • Money-saving built-in point management and exports with no need for additional

Listen to Product Manager James Simpson talk about one of eVolve Mechanicals most-highly rated features.


Listen to Brett Stack, eVolve Mechanical Segment Manager, share expert views on the industry, technology, skilled labor needs and other topics.


Become more efficient and effective with eVolve Mechanical.

We know you want a workforce focused on what is most important for growth and customer satisfaction. That’s why our whole team is determined to help.

  • We have an expert for anything you need to help you with your workflow and technology.
  • Our size allows us to be nimble in meeting all your support and training needs.
  • We continually have our finger on the pulse of the industry and genuinely want to help your business outcomes today and tomorrow.
  • Money-saving built-in point management and exports with no need for additional

A Powerful Software for Detailing in Revit

Learn how your organization can scale your detailing process in Revit

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