Labor Shortage Persists

by | Apr 3, 2019 | All, Electrical, Mechanical

We have commented before in our blogs about the ongoing labor shortage in commercial construction. After reading the results from the recent Q1 2019 USG Corporation and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, it appears we are focusing on the right topic as it relates to eVolve MEP and the opportunity to help reduce some of these pain points. The survey highlights challenges including: asking skilled workers to do more work (81%), struggling to meet deadlines (70%), increased costs for new work (63%), and rejecting new projects (40%). All of these are serious problems impacting our industry, and we believe that increased use of prefabrication and the benefits of moving to Revit can be found working with eVolve MEP.

The article also pointed out the fact that construction jobs are still considered “dirty” jobs (61%) among job seekers and the opinion that construction work requires only brute strength (55%). We believe in the contractor and believe that an educated workforce can make significant strides in achieving on-time and on-budget results on the job site. The growing role of technology on the job site was cited as a means to attract the next generation of workers to the construction workforce, and we couldn’t agree more. We are actively pursuing getting eVolve MEP into training centers at a variety of locations around the U.S. Let us know if we can help you at any trade school you are involved with.

The overall Q1 composite score of 72 shows a healthy market through 2019, and we see this same optimism with our clients and prospects. We also see the need to continue to train and evolve the workforce as the trades struggle to get millennials interested in construction. Let us know what you see in your market and how we can help with eVolve Mechanical or eVolve Electrical solutions. The market looks good, so let us help you take advantage of the opportunities. Don’t pass on that new RFI or RFP.

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