Knuckle Dragger BBQ
Written By Brett Stacks

Knuckle Dragger BBQ is a competition barbeque team new on the BBQ scene in 2019. Sponsored by eVolve MEP and Applied Software, the team is comprised of eVolve MEP staff. It was organized to drive fellowship amongst staff members, support charities, and provide an opportunity to hang out with customers in a casual environment.

On its website, the International Barbeque Cookers Association lists the three main categories for competition as ribs, chicken and brisket and reports that the categories are “very competitive.” Knuckle Dragger BBQ has already competed three times, garnering awards for brisket and chicken. Each award carries with it points, which are tallied at the end of the competition year (July 1 through June 30) to name top winners of “Cook of the Year.” The Knuckle Dragger BBQ team will participate in additional competitions later this fall.

As the team is fully funded, all revenues from awards and merchandise sales are contributed to the Applied Software Employee Relief Fund (ERF). The ERF is being developed to provide financial assistance to the Applied Software and eVolve MEP staff family during circumstances of special need, such as medical or natural disaster. The ERF is still in development, and other sources are expected to join Knuckle Dragger BBQ in making financial contributions to the fund. The team is also available to support other charities or events for customers. For more details, contact Brett Stacks at .

To support Knuckle Dragger BBQ in its efforts, visit the online store to get your very own team shirt or hat:

Want to cook up some barbeque ribs like the award-winning Knuckle Dragger BBQ team? Use the following link to download the free recipe.

Follow the Knuckle Dragger BBQ team on social as they travel around to competitions. They will continue to post pictures from practice runs and images from competitions:




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