Join Us at Advancing Prefabrication
Written By Tyler Jones

The Advancing Prefabrication conference is almost here! Happening April 26 th – 29 th in Phoenix featuring several different tracks, and more than 150 speakers, for attendees to follow based on their specialty, company ownership, BIM and fab shop disciplines. There are number of booths and exhibits to peruse, as well as tours of four nearby operations.

The highlight for us at eVolve is a presentation by Clay Freeman, Vice President of Product. Freeman’s presentation “From Drawn to Delivered: Discover How eVolve Is Changing MEP Workflows” will take place on day 1 track 3. His presentation is part of the Design Optimization, BIM and Data Management track. He will share how eVolve MEP and Materials can help streamline BIM, design and materials management.

With programs designed for operations that are just starting prefab operations to those who want to look forward into the future of prefab and modular construction, the conference has several compelling topics.

Here’s a quick look at a few of them:

1. Working with Your Supply Chain to Achieve Productization by Chris Ellis of Continuum Advisory Group.

  • Better utilizing materials management concepts to optimize the procurement, purchasing, delivery/receiving and utilization of materials from the design office to prefab to the field.

2. Optimizing Process Flow by Improving Cell & Line Design presented by Steve Rose and Jeff Adams of Rosendin Electric.

  • They will talk about breaking down process flow into easy steps and rebuilding it into a system that improves performance and accountability. Return home ready to improve the process and workflow on the shop floor.

3. How Unions Are Working with Contractors to Embrace Prefabrication.

  • The event will explore perspectives from both labor and management, and how the advancement of technology and improved workflows are bringing together opportunities for workers and business owners.

eVolve MEP is a program sponsor of Advancing Prefabrication, schedule a meeting with an expert to learn more. Don’t forget to stop by our booth #201, see you there!.

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