In App Community

eVolve Electrical puts the contractor first in many ways. Our Idea Station is where users can submit, comment and rate ideas. When ideas are moved to our development roadmap, notifications go out through our eVolve Electrical User Forum. Not only does this forum provide a way for us to communicate with our users, but it also provides a way for our users to communicate and share ideas with each other.

Features include:

  • Submit ideas and contact support directly from the eVolve Electrical toolbar.
  • Ideas are open to our user base and anyone can comment and rate the items they want to see.
  • eVolve Electrical User Forum is an open forum to receive support, tips & tricks, share ideas, beta test content and provide feedback in many ways.

eVolve Electrical's In App Community is the resource all detailers have been searching for. Not only do our users stay in tune with what we’re doing, but they also can stay in touch with the industry and what other detailers just like them are doing across the country.  

In App Community In Action


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