How eVolve Helps With Manpower Shortages

by | Nov 4, 2021 | All, Electrical, Mechanical

As the construction industry goes through our post-pandemic growth–the construction industry
is expected to top $1.4 trillion in 2022–one of the biggest factors that could potentially limit that
growth is the number of skilled workers coming into the field in the future. Recruiting people
with expertise in Revit can be a long process, but your choice of software platform–particularly
eVolve MEP can widen your field of prospective employees thanks to its automation and
simplicity in use.

Complicated software–even native Revit and Autodesk–can take years to master. It requires
an experienced eye to identify where changes need to be made, and it takes hands-on practice
to know how you use other programs to check your work for problems, like using Navisworks for
clash detection. But eVolve allows a less experienced user to get the same functionality and
security on a single platform thanks to its automated functions.

By adding additional real-time checks into the platform, eVolve allows the user to identify issues
such as hanger clashes, conduit bends over 360 degrees, and other basic quality assurance
problems instantaneously thanks to automated warnings in the system. At every instance
where a design standard is violated, eVolve posts a flag instructing the user to fix the problem.

Another convenient automated feature in eVolve is the ability to group “classes” of work
together so that using those specifications is just a single click away. Make a change in the
specs that define a group and all those in the group get updated at once, instead of having to
manually find and every location affected.

The automation available in eVolve can dramatically cut down on the amount of rework needed
to finalize and check plans before they go to the field, eliminating man-hours previously needed
to check work, copy changes to various locations, and recalculate figures.

Now, when your team is hiring an engineer or an architect for the team, you can consider
people with less experience than you would’ve recruited before, because eVolve makes things
easier and less complicated. It means that your team can spend fewer hours checking and re-
checking work–or finding the places on the plans that require updating–because the platform
does it for you automatically.

Introducing a comprehensive MEP platform like eVolve to your workflow not only increases the
efficiency of your team, it provides you the opportunity to bring on new team members who can
learn your system from the ground up, using the most cost-effective platform on the market

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