Harris Chooses eVolve Mechanical

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As you navigate through the world of mechanical manufacturing technology, maybe you are facing some of the issues that leading mechanical piping and plumbing contractor Harris did. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Harris had about 2,000 employees in sixteen offices nationwide, and its designers were using six or seven software tools in an attempt to create a more efficient method for its prefabrication processes. A large percentage of Harris projects are healthcare-related, so the company is continuing with essential work and persevering. Facing current construction industry challenges left personnel with little time to implement technology and manage fabrication databases.

Harris specializes in design and engineering, construction, controls, service, manufacturing, and conveyors. While Harris sought out the best solution for its corporate goal to consolidate all offices under one umbrella, it also sought an experienced, knowledgeable partner to help with the technology transition. About a quarter of those companies were using eVolve Mechanical software as a service, and they advocated for Harris to expand the use of eVolve Mechanical company-wide because of its “superior” usability. On the broad scale, eVolve Mechanical was a natural fit.

Harris needed to find one technology tool to replace the collection of piecemeal applications and manage its databases so staff could focus on designing and producing jobs. “We are working strategically with eVolve MEP to develop a companywide fabrication database infrastructure to increase collaboration between production shops and BIM/VDC groups,” said Nate Nielson, BIM/VDC Senior Consulting Manager. With broad fabrication and technical expertise, the staff of eVolve MEP helped Harris unify the corporation’s multiple offices and move in a cohesive direction for streamlining prefabrication. The industry-trained staff of eVolve MEP had the “real” conversations with Harris that identified their technical needs and determined where Harris wanted to focus efforts. Communication was key. Nielson said, “The eVolve Mechanical toolset has allowed us to streamline processes using fabrication parts in Revit. It is allowing us to build continuity among our BIM/VDC groups across our company.”

Forward-thinking Harris is in the midst of implementing eVolve MEP and training its staff. Using innovative solutions, Harris is becoming more efficient, and with eVolve Mechanical, Harris got a win.

The experts at eVolve MEP have worked in the trades, so they know the challenges you face. Because their experience contributes to the development of eVolve Mechanical, it helps companies increase profitability by an astounding 25%. If you want to improve your bottom line, contact the experts of eVolve MEP today and learn how they can help you become more efficient in your prefabrication processes.

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