Hanger Placement

Wouldn’t you love – just once – to have a project run smoothly from start to finish? No stress from getting bogged down on overhead fixes and hanger collision problems. The industry-trained technicians at eVolve MEP know first-hand that it’s hard to anticipate problems before they happen. But the eVolve Hanger Placement feature makes it easier to do just that. Discover some of the things large and small firms across the country have come to appreciate about eVolve Mechanical:

  • More efficiently place fabrication hangers in Revit from an existing Fabrication database.
  • Set up spacing specifications by material, gage and element size using company standards or others.
  • More effectively place hangers with rules for branch junctions, short straights and minimum joint distances.
  • Detect hanger rod collision real-time, identify problem areas and get automatic placement correction.

An eVolve MEP project runs smoothly and essentially eliminates hanger coordination overhead. Don’t let rework and field fixes drag your project down. See how hanger placement works in this short video. Then request a demo of eVolve Mechanical to see how, with eVolve MEP, you CAN anticipate problems before they happen. Your team will thank you.

Hanger Placement in Action