Fighting folder fatigue: How DADO is working to bridge the digital divide for field teams

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From the very beginning, DADO has been a company focused on listening. Before we ever started building software, our team spent hundreds of hours talking to Foremen, Superintendents, Journeyworkers, Project Managers, Engineers, and many others about a really specific problem we wanted to help them solve. These field teams told us that they were constantly losing hours and productivity just because they didn’t have access to relevant project information when they needed it. It was either missing from the office altogether, or it was there but buried deep in a complicated folder structure. These teams also didn’t have the right search tools available to them – they were constantly on a scavenger hunt and couldn’t get the results they wanted.

Enter DADO. DADO gives every construction professional an easy way to instantly search the latest specifications, submittals, drawings, building codes and more, just by speaking or typing into any device. Think of it as a custom search engine – like Google – for your construction project. You can aggregate documents from your local server, project management tools, and document storage programs, upload them to DADO, and you now have a construction-intelligent search engine doing the work for you.

This search functionality has been coded with the language of construction. DADO understands the terms you might be searching for and then gives you relevant results that enable you to make an informed decision. It’s an improvement over a traditional keyword search (aka. CTRL-F), which only returns the exact term you’ve asked for. If you don’t know the question to ask, you’re not going to get your answer. Maybe you’re searching “basement,” but the plans are titled “Lower Level” in your set. DADO understands these nuances and returns relevant results. Instead of digging through a folder structure and trying to guess where that document might be saved and what it might be named, DADO gives you results that help save hours of unnecessary browsing and phone calls.

All of this is our way of fighting a major industry challenge – the digital divide. The tech that is available in the office is not always available in the field, or if it is, the training is inadequate, the tools are unnecessarily complicated, or they’re just not created with the field in mind. Through our relationships with specialty contractors, we’ve seen the importance of creating tools that are purpose-built for subs. We are committed to empowering field teams with easy-to-use, powerful tools that reduce their reliance on the office to get the information they need, when they need it.

Getting relevant project information on time means that you avoid rework, waiting and wasting valuable resources that could be applied to the project and wasting dollars that boost your profits. You also get back time to draw and turn your attention to staying on schedule. Whether your shop is experienced in the use of tech tools, or you’re just getting started, now is the time to think about the gaps in your business and the places where you could be saving yourself and your teams time and money (and sanity!) by using DADO. We’re driven to help you do your work better, and our experienced team is excited to help you bridge the digital divide as you “Say it. Find it. Build it.”

Get to know Jake Olsen, co-founder and CEO of DADO, a little better on the recent Bridging the Gap Podcast episode, “Your Personality and The Team.” 

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