Fabrication Bearer Lengths in Revit using eVolve MEP

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A question that sometimes comes up in classes and demos revolves
around dimensioning the total bearer length and getting the information on
drawing sheets and schedules. The problem originates from the fact that users don’t
have the ability to snap to the outside of the bearer. Snapping from the center
of the rod on one end and the center on the other end is too limited to help
most of the time.




Fortunately, when you use eVolve MEP, you can take advantage of eVolve properties. The eVolve properties give you access to the dimensional information needed to create a tag. The total bearer length is a conglomerate value of the bearer extension (x2) and bearer width. The tag you create will calculate this information for you. To see this process in action, access this instructional YouTube video, Fabrication Bearer Lengths. As you’ll see, the total bearer length is a calculated parameter, not one you’ll find in the properties list.




Besides using normal fabrication reports, an additional
benefit of having all the information available inside of Revit is that you can
create schedules off the information. This is also demonstrated in the
Fabrication Bearer Lengths video.




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