eVolve: Don’t Let Kryptonite Bring Down Your MEP Superhero
Written By Carol Dunn


| Evolve – to come forth gradually into being; develop |

You may not think of yourself as a hero. You know who the real heroes of this world are. But give yourself credit for being a survivor in this industry – a sort of “superman,” if you will. You have faced ten years of adversity since the 2008 economic crisis. You figured out a way to stay in business when others went under. As a rule, contractors are like that. You do what you have to do – like superman, you adapt to adversity.

Now the economy is looking good, and you have another stumbling block. You have to figure out a way to staff your business from a workforce that includes people who don’t want to work or don’t need to work or don’t even know how to work. This is your new Kryptonite.

eVolve is designed to handle your Kryptonite while enabling you to use your creative ingenuity again. It’s time to adapt and eVolve in your business:

  • Streamline your workflows – You may realize you need to figure out the workflows that accommodate your best team players and make things happen with a few good people. But now that the work is out there again, you may be too busy meeting demands to evaluate your workflows and decide how to improve them.
  •  Tighten up and increase your production – You’re not alone with this dilemma. That’s why eVolve Software has done some evaluating for you. With feedback from MEP industry professionals like you, eVolve knows the pain points of many MEP industry workflow challenges.
  •  Strengthen your bottom line – Make your business run more efficiently with higher profit margins.
  •  Get your projects done faster – With content and tools specific to your industry, you’ll save time with model-driven fabrication. Accelerate your processes.
  •  Free yourself from inventing workarounds – Your workflows should be a solution, not a workaround. This revolutionary concept allows eVolve to build better products that contractors can use to streamline and refine their workflows.
  •  Concentrate on your business – MEP contractors are a savvy breed, some of the most insightful businessmen out there. It’s because you can see the solution to a problem from the inside out. eVolve is one of those solutions, and the transition to eVolve is smooth.

eVolve is on a mission to help contractors find solutions to workflow challenges so their businesses can thrive and grow. Because flying circles around the earth fast enough to make time stop would be lovely, but streamlining your business processes with eVolve won’t require blue tights and a red cape.

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