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by | May 17, 2018 | All, Electrical

eVolve 2.0 has over 87 new or modified families.  This is the largest increase in content since the product was first created.  Most of the new content was added because of customers’ requests.  I will try to give a brief overview of the some of the new content that has been added in the new release.

90 Elbow Bend Custom

This new Elbow family is a 90 degree only family with Stretchable endpoints. It can be used to make a prefab deliverable bend or used to simulate a factory elbow or sweep offered in 90°. 

90 Bend

90 Bend 2Kick 90

This is a new Kick 90 family.  It has better behavior and options, than the previous version.  A new type selection dialog allows users to preselect their preferred type and bend prior to placing the family.  There is also new Kick 90 families that will allow users to start with the stub end as opposed to the kick end of the family.

Kick 90

Kick 90 2

Faced Based Conduit

New Faced Based Conduit families are available.  These are used as a starting point to begin a run of conduit that starts from the face of a box or equipment.  New to the family are options to have a straight or a straight with a bend.  Both options also have the ability to apply an offset coming off the initial start point.

Face BaseSealoff Fittings

New Sealoff conduit fitting families have been added to match industry standard sizes.  Users will have to option to select the type prior to placing the family.  The family will autosnap and autosize to existing conduit runs.


Face Based Flex Connectors

New faced based flex connectors are available for Flex conduit, MC conduit, or Sealtite conduit.  These will act as starting points to begin modeling the flex conduit.

Flex Connectors

Condulet Boxes

New Condulet box families are available.  These will autosnap and autosize to existing conduit.  The cover size can be adjusted and the family has built-in clearance zones.

ConduletKnockout Boxes

New N1 boxes are available with knockouts.  Users can select box size prior to placing.  Knockout boxes have built-in clearance zones.  An electrical connector is also included in the family to allow circuiting by creating a Revit Power System.

Ko Ko2

4SQ Types Various

The 4SQ Type Various family is a new box family that has various parameters that can be modified to use for either switches or receptacles.  The box also has built-in electrical connectors to be used for circuiting with Revit Power Systems.  The family also includes 2D annotation to indicate a switch symbol or receptacle symbol in plan views.


4sq2New Pre-Fab Assembly Families

There are several new Pre-Fab Assembly Families.  There are new families for RBS16 and A1B6241 brackets.  Each of these families has options for 1, 2, or 3 boxes.

Prefab Ass

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