eVolve 2.0 – New Export Requisition Form

by | Jun 4, 2018 | All, Electrical

This tool will allow you to export your material schedules to Excel.  In previous versions of eVolve, the export had to be started while in the specific schedule that was going to be exported.  The improved exporter can begin while being in any view in the model. The exporter tool will open the exporter dialog that will list all schedules in the current Revit project.  Users will be able to choose which schedule to export and with a single click it will export it and open it inside of Excel to the default Excel template form.

Export Req Form

If users desire to use their own form, on the settings tab, users can browse to their desired template.  Users will have to option to tell the exporter which cell in the template to begin placing the data from Revit.  Users also have the option to not open the exported file but to simply save it to open at a later time.

Export Req Form Settings

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