eVolve 2.0 – Deep Dive into System Conduit
Written By Mike Massey

One of the biggest new features in eVolve 2.0 is the addition of System Families.  With eVolve 2.0 users will be able to create level 400 models with the quickness and ease of modeling with System Families as opposed to previous versions being restricted to just Component Families.  eVolve now has tools built in to create 6 different types of Conduits.  As the user models with these system families eVolve fittings will automatically be placed as needed.  This gives the user all the advantages of using system families, with the detail level ready for fabrication.

Conduit Types

Conduit Command

When using an EMT, IMC or RMC type of conduit, the user will have the option to chose the particular type that matches their bender.  These types come with elbows for either the Greenlee Bender 881, 555, or 855.  This will ensure that your runs will be constructible without having to make modifications to the bends.

Conduit without Fittings Types                       EMT Conduit Types

Typical Revit modify commands can be used on the System Family conduits, like Trim/Extend and Trim to a corner.  eVolve will automatically place a conduit body at tee intersections and a bend at all corners.

Conduit Trim

The System Family conduits can be split using the Revit Split command.  When the split is performed, a compressed or set screw coupling will be inserted automatically depending on which type of conduit is used.

Saddles can be dropped into a System Family conduit run.  When placing either a 3-point or 4-point saddle, eVolve will break the conduit run and insert the saddle.  If the saddle is removed the conduit will heal itself back into one continuous run.

Conduit Saddles

Using the new System Families, users will also be able to take advantage of Revit’s Parallel Conduit tool for parallel runs.

New dimensional planes have been added to the conduits to allow for dimensioning to either the pipe centers or to the back of the bends.  This will allow options for how to dimension your particular need.

Dimensioning Conduit

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