eVolve Electrical

Automate Detailing Tasks and Model with Standardized Content

eVolve Electrical Features



  • Sync modeled content within project areas quickly to capture accurate bills of material.
  • Manage, track and edit kit information easily with Kit Manager.


  • Easily define assemblies and capture all nested components.
  • Manage, track and edit spools easily with Spool Manager.
  • Create spool sheets in bulk with user-defined views and schedules.

Conduit Bends

  • Speed up making conduit bends in Revit by eliminating unnecessary breaking and reconnecting of system conduit.
  • Edit conduit bends as a group, regardless of size, eliminating the need to delete and reconnect.
  • Track conduit bends through Revit schedules for quick prefab outputs.


  • Utilize versatile Hanger Families for a multitude of configurations to fit most project requirements.
  • Attach rods to structure, which will adjust automatically if trapeze hangers are moved.
  • Track hanger configurations through Revit schedules for quick prefab outputs..

Auto Route

  • Quickly route conduit as cable between devices.
  • Automatically capture circuit, feed and cable lengths, including make-up length and rounding options.
  • Assign cables to devices or panels for easily scheduling prefabrication in-wall assemblies.


  • Capture accurate bills of material using eVolve Electrical families, which are specifically built for fast modeling.
  • Work faster by having instant access to hundreds of everyday commodity materials, straps, connectors, fittings, and hardware.
  • Complete scheduling and tagging easily using consistent shared parameters throughout all content.

Efficiently Detail, Fabricate and
Construct Your Electrical Projects

The savviest detailing departments leverage technology to accomplish more work in less time. eVolve Electrical software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience for our end user and produces a level of accuracy that is needed to efficiently fabricate and construct your projects.

From constructible BIM workflows to automated spooling, eVolve Electrical gives companies the tools they need to finish projects on time and within budget..

A Powerful Software for Detailing in Revit

Learn how your organization can scale your detailing process in Revit

What Our Experts Are Saying


Cliff Trotter and Adam Heon discuss experience with managing electrical products, his most challenging and rewarding projects, and three ways that Adam can immediately help customers who are in need.


What Our Customers Are Saying


“eVolve is the only Electrical prefabrication Revit add-in out there that does what we need and has saved about 30% of our project time.” 

David Clark, VP of Engineering,
Forest Electric

“We have been saving 10-12 hours per week / per detailer on the drafting time, but the huge time saver is how eVolve impacts our Scheduling/Spooling/Kitting the most, with up to 20 hours savings per drafter per week.”

Joaquin Gonzales, BIM Director, VDC & Planning

“With eVolve software, we can prefabricate efficiently any modeled raceway and assemblies, which no other combination of plugins allowed us to do before. We often had schedules so tight and changes so frequent, pre-fabrication was not feasible before. Now it is. This also saves a great deal of time in the field.”

Tim Vock, BIM Manager,
Gibson Electric

“I can say that eVolve Electrical is one of the first plugin software’s that caters directly to the electrical sub-contractor industry. The developers understood our needs because they were electrical contractors. Working with eVolve in Revit MEP really makes our lives easier and it’s simple to use. We save about 20 hours/per month/per detailer, and we have 2 detailers”

Real Lamour, Director of Engineering,
Welsbach Electric

“eVolve Electrical is user friendly, family content is easily modifiable, and overall can be used for both design and fabrication. The custom library feature is great! You can merge your own company’s library into the eVolve palette making everything you need in one centered location. The support team are quick to respond for any assistance needed with the plug in and are very resourceful with other questions you may have.”

Glenda Berard, Ace Electric

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