Don’t Use Revit Alone

by | Dec 14, 2021 | All, Electrical, Mechanical, Revit

Professionals in the MEP field–whether migrating to Revit from AutoCAD or incorporating Revit for the first time–frequently face the question, “Is Revit all I need or should I incorporate some plug-ins to make it easier to use?” Those who don’t utilize plug-ins like eVolve from the outset soon learn that eVolve makes using Revit quicker, easier and more comprehensive for frequent tasks like spooling and prefab drawings–a realization soon learned by those who first rely on native Revit.

While it’s possible to develop some custom-built macros into Revit, the eVolve suite of products added to Revit provide easier and intuitive solutions that speed your BIM team’s time by automating a number of key functions within Revit, removing the need to repeat tasks or export files to incorporate solutions.

To give you an idea of how much time and effort can be saved by your BIM team by adopting eVolve with Revit, let’s take a look at some of the most-used tasks done by design teams in MEP:

Revit &
For Spooling
Create Assemblies Manually Automatically
Create Sheets Manually Automatically
Create Dimension Sheets Manually Automatically
Create Annotation Sheets Manually Automatically
Create Print Sets Manually Automatically
Revit &
For Hangers
Place Hangers (ITM or RFA) Manually
Export RTS Points Not available Automatically
Number Hangers Manually Automatically
Annotate Hangers Manually Automatically
Maintain Connection to Structure Automatically Automatically
Place Embeds Manually Automatically
Coordination Manually Automatically
The advantages don’t stop there. Placing sleeves, estimating point loads, setting work sets and integrating with fabrication machinery or other software is easier when you have the right tools on the job, and for your BIM and Virtual Design and Construction teams, the right tool is eVolve.

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