Investing in VDC Can Save Your MEP Projects from the Labor Shortage Disaster
Written By Marina Lucier

What I'm about to tell you could save your next project from turning into a costly nightmare.

If you're a construction manager, you know the drill: tight deadlines, strict budgets, and the pressure to deliver top-notch results.

But there's a silent killer lurking in the shadows—one that could derail your projects faster than you can say "over budget."

It’s the lack of skilled BIM designers. Buckle up, because this is going to hit close to home.

Delayed Projects: The Ticking Time Bomb

Imagine this: You're halfway through a major project, and suddenly, everything grinds to a halt. Why?

You’ve found an error and now the entire model needs to be reworked. We're talking about a domino effect that delays every subsequent phase.

Deadlines slip and your stress levels shoot through the roof.

Without a full-fledged BIM team this kind of common error can take days to fix. But the modern-day solution isn’t hiring more modelers.

It is investing in tools that make it easier for your modelers to build quality designs the first time around.

Increased Costs: The Silent Budget Killer

Let’s say that tiny mistake did make it through.

Not only is your project going to get delayed, but it will eat away at your profit margins!

Errors and omissions in BIM designs are like termites gnawing away at your project's budget.

One mistake can lead to massive rework during construction causing project costs to soar.

The last thing anyone wants is a project delay that leads to workers standing idle, expensive materials wasted, and your budget ballooning out of control.

It's not just frustrating—it's a financial disaster.

Coordination Issues: The Chaos Creator

You need your architectural, structural, and MEP teams to work like a well-oiled machine.

Clashes between disciplines? Inefficiencies? It's like herding cats, and it's costing you precious time and money.

Design intent needs to be communicated clearly and effectively.

Inexperienced BIM designers struggle to convey complex details, leading to misunderstandings and misalignments. The outcome?

Missteps, rework, and frustration for everyone involved.

Quality Control Problems: The Hidden Flaw Factory

Quality is non-negotiable.

But without expert BIM designers, your models are riddled with inaccuracies. The result?

Subpar construction outcomes and potential safety issues. You can't afford to gamble with quality, but that's exactly what you're doing without the right talent

Instead of Struggling with Labor, Invest in Technology,

We all know that the answer isn’t as simple as “hire skilled BIM modelers!” because they are few and far between.

Especially with the considerable growth of the construction industry over the last few years, finding skilled modelers is a tough task.

The real answer is investing in VDC technology that can transform the capabilities of your team.

EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical are Revit plug-ins made by contractors, for contractors.

We understand the unique goals of BIM modelers working on MEP projects. EVOLVE makes modeling easier with automation and tools designed with MEP-specific goals in mind.

Features such as clash detection and automated hanger placement save your BIM team hours and save them from common human errors!

In turn, this will ensure projects are completed on time, and on budget!

Watch your profits climb by working smarter - not harder.

B&I Contractors report spending 25% less time on spooling after they implemented EVOLVE.

They also increased the amount of prefab they did per project because of the high-quality models they were able to build.

Get a demo and see how your team can save on labor costs, and get back to building with EVOLVE.

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