Announcing New eVolve Electrical Release 4.2

by | Dec 30, 2020 | All, Electrical

eVolve MEP has announced the latest release of eVolve Electrical, v4.2.3, is now available. For downloads visit:

This release is packed with many enhancements and new features, making it a substantial update. Follow the link to see a full list of v4.2 Release Notes.

Summary of key features for this release:

  • Conduit Schedule now has “Wire Fill” capabilities
    • Assign Run enhancements
    • New Continue Run feature
  • New and enhanced content library, including 3 Point and 4 Point Saddles with major improvements
  • Hanger performance improvements (2x faster than 4.2 hangers)
  • Quick Tools (1,000+ use cases)
    • Multi-Trim (unique in the industry and Michael’s favorite Revit command)
    • Connect
    • Copy Connect Elements
    • Remove Elements
  • Point Manager enhancements, including Export Points to True North, Survey Point or Origin Point
  • Automation Macros tools 
  • Integration Platform API

This is the last major update before compatibility with Revit 2022, around April, 2021, meaning it is also the last major update to be released for Revit 2019.


  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019
  • Autodesk Revit 2020
  • Autodesk Revit 2021

eVolve Electrical software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience and produces the level of accuracy needed to efficiently fabricate and construct projects.

If you’re not yet using the specialized eVolve Electrical features for kitting, spooling, hangers, auto-route, conduit bends, and content, request a demo and find out what you’re missing.

New Features:

  1. Conduit Schedule Wire Fill
  • Assign run updates – New filtering to navigate through a conduit run schedule
  • Continue run
  • Option to disable Parameter Push length calculations –
  • Located in Workstation Settings
  • Refresh Length Command: recalculate conduit lengths when needed
  1. Connect Elements
  2. Copy Connected Elements
  3. Remove Elements
  4. Multi-Trim
  5. Pick Plane Command
  6. Pre-Fab Packages
  7. Automation tools
  • PowerShell execution within Parameter Sync
  • Macro automation
  1. Integration platform API
  2. CSV data exchange – Source code available.
  3. Content updates
  4. Continuous alignment
  5. Continuous routing
  6. Point Manager – True North, Origin Point settings
  7. Show grouped columns option in Grid States
  8. Manage suppressed messages in Reset Workstation Settings
  • Show grouped columns option in Grid States
  • Manage suppressed messages in Reset Workstation Settings
  • Reset saved Grid States within Reset Workstation Settings
  1. Selection Filter enhancements
  • Support for element reference parameters
  • Element expansion options for assemblies, groups, nested elements
  • Allows for defining a precision within the Options tab
  • Clears selection if the user runs a ‘Select’ filter with a selection set and nothing matches
  • Ignore ‘is blank’ operators for numeric values
  • Yes/No parameters work in all situations.


  • Project template updates
  • Allow Flex Pipe in conduit runs
  • Add message when assigning Kit ID for entire project
  • UI updates
    • Update icons, tooltips and help links
    • Family Browser ‘Reset Grouping’ button
    • Remove buttons from grid navigator
    • Toolbars for forms
    • Hanger Configuration uses grid for data entry.
    • Enhanced Open/Save dialogs



Feedback and ideas:

As you adapt to your industry’s changes, choose a technology partner that knows your industry firsthand. The experts of eVolve MEP have worked in the construction trades, so they know the challenges you face and the innovations that can make a difference.


Contact eVolve MEP today and learn how the eVolve Electrical consultants will help you keep your business relevant and competitive in the years to come.

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