Annotation Tools

Sure, you want a successful job, but you don’t want it to consume all of your time. We know what that’s like – our industry-trained MEP specialists have been there. We can show you how to get your life back with the time-saving features of eVolve Mechanical. For instance, with the eVolve annotation tools, you can streamline your annotation process to be more fluid and predictable, including:

  • More granular options to define tags by category and service type.
  • Tag locations specific to fittings, including up-down and right-left adjustments.
  • Accurate initial placement that won’t need to be adjusted later.
  • Specify graphical differences between tags, including outside the geometry.

Don’t slog through your next job. Request a demo of eVolve Mechanical today and see how you can quickly annotate construction documents while adhering to company standards . . . and have time left over to get on with your life.

eVolve Properties

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? Your success in your MEP job depends on accuracy. Yet accuracy is a common pain point in the MEP industry. We feel your pain – eVolve MEP personnel have worked in your industry and understand it thoroughly. One of the pain-relieving features of eVolve Mechanical is Properties, offering these assurances of accuracy:

  • Access to extended data for more accurate filtering tools for reporting.
  • Access to service type, fitting type and pattern numbers for more effective schedules.
  • Access to Fabrication CADmep custom data for additional, non-native data entry points already integrated with BIM and coordination processes.
  • Automated end prep conditions for prefabrication of spools and more data-rich spool sheets.

See how Properties can make you more effective and more accurate in this short video. Then request a demo of eVolve Mechanical to see how you can ensure that your work is efficient and accurate. Be the one at your firm who’s known for doing the job right.

Part Numbering

You want your software to work for you, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. We get it. eVolve MEP was developed by industry-trained mechanical, engineering and plumbing experts. They know how valuable the features of eVolve MEP are in making the software work for you, not against you. Part numbering is one of those features, with these benefits:

  • Numbering sequences can be pre-defined for different groups of elements – straights, fittings, surface types, pattern numbers, and item names.
  • Elements can be separated based on user-defined roles and custom numbered with a defined prefix and suffix.
  • Flexible controls allow identical part numbering, sequence definition and annotation tags.
  • Pre-defined filters enable quick selection of parts for numbering.

Watch this short video to see how part numbering works. Then request a demo of eVolve Mechanical to experience the software that was designed specifically to work for you. Get more done with less effort with eVolve MEP.

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