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I attended the AIA Atlanta (American Institute of Architects) Principals Roundtable breakfast this morning at Ansley Golf Club in Atlanta. David Epps of Winter Construction was the main speaker talking about construction technology from a contractor’s perspective. David started out the meeting by asking how many contractors were in the room, and the only hands raised were from his fellow Winter Construction team.

The presentation was well received by the architects in the room, and it was fun to see the live work updates from their ongoing projects at Zoo Atlanta. David used animation and video, and he was able to talk about a lot of the leverage and utilization that Winter is getting from cutting edge technology. The 3D updates on the midtown AC and Moxy Hotels was very informative on everything from site prep to ensuring conflicts were avoided on duct runs. It is also clear that there are a lot of iPads on the Winter construction sites, and they even have installed Way Points on their job sites to ensure accurate synchs.

I only had time to ask one question, and it was perfectly received by David when I asked him about prefabrication utilization on their job sites. He said they were still working with their hands but absolutely saw prefabrication coming to Winter sites, as well as the overall construction industry. This lined up well with the discussion at my table regarding the skilled labor shortage everyone is having that impacts budgets and timelines. Let us know if you are considering prefabrication for your construction projects, as we would love to speak to you about eVolve MEP for Electrical and Mechanical. We have a number of new Whitepapers about to be released that expand on the value that our clients see in making the move to Revit while implementing a prefabrication strategy. We hope to see you at MEP Force this August!

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