5 Ways eVolve Electrical is Putting the Contractor First

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The number one MEP
software solution, eVolve
was created to accelerate electrical
project performance and decrease project risk and cost. Because it enhances the
Revit modeling experience, making eVolve part of the workflow results in accurate
fabrication and field drawings and better project deliverables overall. For an
indepth look at the building information modeling (BIM) process in the
mechanical, electric and plumbing trades, Applied Software offers a white paper
about how eVolve MEP provides a seamless workflow in Revit, “The History of BIM in MEP.” From its constructible BIM
workflow to automated spooling, eVolve Electrical gives companies the tools
they need to finish projects on time and within budget. Here are just a few examples
of the ways the folks at eVolve MEP are looking out for electrical




  1. The processes eVolve Electrical addresses are based on customer ideas.  Customers can easily submit an idea for a software feature directly to the development team. Ideas that come from customers are open for everyone to see, and other customers can rate and comment on suggestions. Ideas are constantly monitored, and as they are accepted and placed on the development road map, users are notified that their idea is being implemented.
  2. The eVolve Electrical content is created especially for contractors.  Creation of a part isn’t the end of the process – it’s just the beginning. The part model is used to create  assemblies. ECs can quickly model with assemblies, which can be adjusted, coordinated and fabricated.
  3. Training on eVolve Electrical is customized to each individual company.  The eVolve Electrical trainers respect the way your firm does things. Current processes will be evaluated, and required deliverables considered, then training is tailored to the way eVolve Electrical fits within those parameters so it will best enhance current processes. Whether your firm is just starting out or has been doing this for years, eVolve Electrical industry-trained experts will understand your needs, and their objective is to help you be more successful.
  4. eVolve Electrical customers have access to the development team.  Using the eVolve Electrical user forum, customers gain direct access to the eVolve Electrical team any time. The user forum is open, so customers can communicate with each other as well. In addition to striving to be a resource for customers, eVolve Electrical also enables contractors to learn from each other.
  5. The eVolve Electrical development team is transparent with the product development schedule.  Not only is development based on customer feedback (through the idea station and user forum), but the team holds monthly meetings to discuss new features and allow customers to provide feedback every step of the way.




Check out the eVolve Electrical website for a rundown of all of its incomparable
productivity enhancing features. You’ll discover the many ways the eVolve MEP team
of industry professionals is looking out for you. Then request a brief discovery call to learn
how eVolve Electrical can improve your fabrication processes.



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